Designing data governance in Brazil: an institutional analysis

The last decade has witnessed a debate about the disruptive roleof emerging digital technologies. At the heart of this debate isthe issue of big data, which underpins the operations of thesedigital technologies but creates a series of new risks and issuesfor society and governments. New policy problems concerningdata require formulators of new governance strategies andinnovative policy designs. In this introduction to the special issueData Policy and Governance, we examine scholarship on datagovernance and data policy, with a particular focus on emergingcontributions on these topics. We also present the six articles thatmake up this special issue and indicate trends and future researchdirections from the discussion. This review demonstrates howdata governance and policy are central to the digital world andrequire new designs and dynamics to deal with instruments,mixes, practices, and regulatory mechanisms.


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Palabras claves: Data policy; data governance; design dynamics; big data; Brazil;institutional analysis; policy development.